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Wie Man Einen Zervikalen Orgasmus Hat Und Mehr Darüber

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The cervical orgasm feels like deep pulsing pleasure which spreads across the entire abdomen and sometimes the whole body. Where as the clitoral orgasm feels quite localized and has a build up of tension followed by a release, the cervical orgasm doesn’t follow this linear progression. Sometimes it pulses in subtle waves of expansion, other times it is powerful and can go on for a very long time. Some women only have cervical orgasms while simultaneously stimulating both the clit and the cervix.

  • „A cervical orgasm results from deep pressure or rubbing against the cervix that stimulates surrounding nerves,“ says Dr. Eilber.
  • The vagina is loaded with erogenous areas that can feel pleasurable when stimulated.
  • Not to mention, when you’re menstruating, your cervix is lower, which makes it easier to reach .

Some women have described their cervical orgasm to feel like a spreading pleasurable sensation, deep in the gut. Some of those with penises may assume that being able to reach the cervix during sex is a sign of virility and should feel amazing to the person with the cervix. Actually, cervical contact may feel highly pleasurable to one person and unpleasant Kristalle Arten or painful to another. And one person can experience that contact differently at different times, depending upon what else is going on inside the reproductive system. If a woman is not sufficiently aroused when sexual play or intercourse begins, the cervix is more likely to be stimulated, but the woman is less likely to enjoy the sensation.

For this reason, doggy style is probably the most effective position for cervix stimulation. If a woman wants to control how much the cervix is stimulated, the woman-on-top is a good position. This way the woman can slowly feel for herself how much pressure and depth is needed to hit the cervix hard enough – but not s hard that it triggers pain or cramping.

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Ross, MD, OB-GYN and author ofShe-ology,tells MarieClaire.com that the cervix itself doesn’t have any nerve endings. What feels like cervical stimulation is a feeling of fullness and often a bit of cervical cramping during intercourse. „Though different nerves are believed to communicate with the brain depending on which area is stimulated, it can be difficult to isolate one region exclusively during sex,“ says Dr. O’Reilly.

cervix orgasm

Well, women don’t usually sign up for penetrative sex expecting an orgasm. The odds of it happening simply aren’t in their favor.

Answering, How Deep Is The Cervix?

„But it’s not a common place for women to report orgasmic response.“ Take some time to really listen to your body and try different things. As long as you’re opening yourself up to the full threshold of pleasure and staying in tune with what gets you off, you’re doing it right. Cramping may not sound particularly awesome, but as with many “unusual” forms of pleasure, this can feel good to some women. A feeling of fullness can be hot AF, and when your vaginal canal is penetrated in total, the penis/dildo will hit the cervix (because it’s as far as an object can go). The cervix releases excretions during sex and foreplay that help to lubricate the vagina.

Cervical Orgasms Might Not Be Possible For Everyone

The middle of the donut is highly sensitive for some reason. „When the right fit happens, and there’s a solid pow to that sensor, it could produce a feeling or sensation,“ she says. „Whether that produces orgasm is really up to that individual.“ It’s complicated, because while some people certainly do experience a degree of sensation in their cervix during an orgasm, there are not many nerve endings in the cervix. More likely, a cervical orgasm is just a result of other nerves being stimulated, like those located in the clitoris, Dr. Britton says. „It’s quite possible that some women do have innervation or nerve conduction, and therefore sensation at the cervix or near the cervix,“ she says.